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The page with direct links to many [+3500] of the best Fungi Photo on the web.
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COPYRIGHT © NOTICE!! All photos are copyrighted by the photographers and may not be copied or printed without permission. If you would like to use some photograph for any reason, please contact the photographers, by going to the linked origin-page, that you find under each photo!!


In the lists you find some icons:

  • brings you to the top of the list
  • gives you a list of alias names for the genus.*
  • gives you a list of common names in 11 languages for the genus. *
  • Images saerch on google for the genus or species.
  • brings you to the starting page.
  • For each icon there is an additional photo of the species. Just click on it **

* The alias and common name list are still not very comprehensive - but i'm working on it, and you're welcome to help me. Just send me a mail.

** If you hold the mouse over one of the icon for a short while a popup label will show you the full species name and the name of the photographer [at least if you're using IE]

The Idea!

There is a lot of beautiful and valuable mushroom images on the Internet. I found it a good supplement to my books - especially seeking for picture of not so common species.The problem is that they are spread on many different homepages. Normally I would use a search engine. But it often took a long time to get to where I want. So some years ago I came up with this "crazy" idea to make a link page to all the mushroom images on the net. And many people have used it over the years.

Nowadays the search engines have becom a lot better with options to search directly on images, so there really isn't that much need for a page like this anymore. But as I already have the data collected I keep it running anyway. And lately I've added some more functionality so it might be more useful.

!Please observe! Some function are still under construction and some external link might still be broken!

Fungi Names

The Scientific Names have changes over the years and may still change in the future as new research learn us more about the relationship between the species. I myself don't have the knowledge and qualification so I haven't done any attempt in correcting and replacing the individual photos under the most recent names. I have just copied the names given by the photographers. You might therefore find the same species under different names [e.g. Rhodocollybia butyracea can also be found as Collybia butyracea].

You can use the Genera Alias search to help you with this. Just hit the icon under the genus name to get a list of alias, synonyms, old names and look-a-likes.

In the same way I haven't done much research on the right identification for the species on each photo. As the photos come from many different people, amateurs as well as professional mycologists, there is no guaranty that the names are correct.

Add Your Pictures

If you have some interessting and sharp fungi images on your homepage that your want to share and display on these lists, you're velcome to send me an e-mail with a text-list attached. Make an array-line for each species in this format:

array ('genus','epithet','','baseUrl','path to picture','size[kb]','photographer','homepage'),
array ('Melanophyllum','haematospermum','','http://www.in2.dk/svampe/svpic/','SodParasol.jpg','60','Flemming V. Larsen','frame1.htm'),

The second '' is used for internal indexing so keep it empty. And you might also keep the 'homepage' empty if it's the same as the base url.

I don't have the space to hold you images on my server - so please don't send me the images. I you don't have the space to hold the images on your homepage-server, you can look around for a free picture servers. like http://atpic.com.


Flemming V. Larsen